Over the years I have had some absolutely wonderful feedback from corporate groups and individuals.  People from a variety of backgrounds, beginners through to advanced and coming to dance for a wealth of reasons.  It is humbling to receive such feedback and I hope these stories give you a sense of what dance can offer you.

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Celeste Loots

I am so happy to have been introduced to Andrew Cuerdan, as I enjoy every dance lesson I have with him SOOOO much! Andrew is up there with the best of Latin dance teachers and is a perfectionist on technique. What inspires me is that he is creative in finding fun and novel ways of explaining, demonstrating and helping me to understand the movements, connection, timing and expression of the various dances with incredible patience. He also puts energy and enthusiasm into his teaching which motivates me to do the best I can – with his motto – “Hard work now makes things simpler in the long run.” Andrew is a relaxed and genuine person who tailors classes to one’s level and capabilities while encouraging one to improve and feel the difference in your body as you dance. And the improvement has been noticed by my friends and fellow dancers at ProAm competitions after only 6 months of lessons with Andrew. I look forward to more growth through dance with Dance Savoire Faire.

Greg Zaradny

Andrew’s classes are wonderful.  Very nice atmosphere and lovely people.  Great way to take off the stress and perfect opportunity to gain self-confidence for me.  I’m totally enjoying!

Richard Haycock

Andrew came into my life at the point I needed him – although I didn’t realise that at the time. It would be 5 years before I realised this. I am a military and gulf war veteran and latterly I have been a law enforcement officer and detective for 23 years. This year I have battled stress, depression, compassion fatigue, anxiety and complex PTSD. I have been to the brink – I have stared suicide in the face. This has been borne from being immersed in the investigation of death and child abuse over years – joy, happiness and the ability to find peace and positivity had been erased from my universe.
I have received treatment and support.  But key to my survival and key to me now being able to see and have joy in my life, to feel happiness and the comfort of the company of friends has been dance. Andrew brought dance to my life.

On a holiday in St Lucia- where I had for the first time travelled alone. I had always wanted to dance but never had the confidence.  Andrew gave me my first dance lesson.  Andrew is a special human being – he has an aura of calmness and positivity. He is kind, generous and after a few short hours of dance with Andrew I have never looked back.

I have been dancing salsa and now other Latin dances ever since. I will have my first one to one private lesson next week – something which I find daunting and never thought I would have the confidence to do – but here I am and now I do.

In my darkest hours, in the depths of depression and not having the energy or will to do anything, while dreading going out and the outside world I managed to just about carry on dancing. The people I have met are my friends. I have never met a dancer who is not warm, welcoming and supportive.

The alchemy of dance is more than just moving to music. There is a connection with yourself, your soul, another person. There is warmth, enjoyment and fun. In my darkest times dance saved my life – and for that I will always be grateful.

Andrew – you may never know the impact your kindness, warmth, friendship and teaching has had on me and my life. But you have changed my life and you have saved my life and I am forever grateful.

Gillian Bezuidenhout

I can say that I have known Andrew Cuerden for 25 years or more ,and he is an extremely nice, professional, honest gentlemen who I admire very much

Cathy Fry

It is difficult to put into words how excellent at teaching and professional Andrew is.  He taught me Salsa, as a complete beginner and opened up a whole new dance world.  Andrew is a rare find, uniquely talented and a very, very nice human being.

Neil & Debbie

Andrew is an effective and professional teacher – he instructs with clarity and kindness.  He easily gets everyone doing the steps and having fun, whether you bring a partner or not!

Rob & Stephanie

My wife and I took up ballroom Dancing as our kids had grown up and deserted us.  We wanted something fun, energetic for us both to enjoy together.  We laugh on the way to dancing, during and after. Andrew is a delight to have as a teacher. Patient, kind and very talented.  His energy, positivity and encouragement is reflected onto everyone in the class, who all have a great time.  My wife and I were complete novices and within a few months we were cha-cha charing with confidence and ease.   It’s a great way to get fit, feel great and all without knowing it.

Canary Wharf Group

Canary Wharf Group engaged Andrew to teach a ‘flash mob’ dance to members of the Security Team, to be performed in front of ‘unsuspecting’ members of the public, and their colleagues, for a charitable cause, but also a team building exercise. None of those who volunteered had any dance experience and ranged across a wide spectrum of ages.

The results were fantastic, but most importantly the journey of learning was thoroughly enjoyed by those who undertook it. Andrew took them well beyond their comfort zone, in a secure, kind and energetic manner. He achieved 100% buy-in, even from the most reluctant. Perhaps the most telling mark of success was not just that it brought the team closer together through shared experience, but the pride they felt, a cut above the others, because they had made this specific journey.

Andrew is a first-class instructor, mentor and motivator. He is thoroughly recommended.

Always be motivated by love and compassion not fear and competition.  Life is not about impressing, it’s about expressing and living with presence and enthusiastic appreciation for all things.
Andrew Cuerden