Universal metaphysics and Self; enquiry, evolution and healing are my other huge life passions.

Into-Me-I-See is all about relationship. Ultimately the relationship we have with ourselves and the universe. The relationship we have with ourselves being THE most important relationship we will EVER have but obviously it effects every other relationship we have with; people, animals, places, experiences and things. As everything in this 3 dimensional existence of the Universe is relative, relational and interdependent.

Dance Into-Me-I-See is a modality which supports individuals and couples on their journey to exploring authentic expression and intimacy through dance. Learning how to live, move and connect to ourselves and others from the core our being. Self-enquiry can occur through any process or modality from meditation to mountain climbing. What is important is that the particular modality resonates with us and brings us to that place of seeing ourselves in all our shades of darkness and light, power and weakness, courage and vulnerability.

I work along-side female dancer – Natalya Marchuk who is an energy healer and emotional life coach. Together, and individually, we facilitate private lessons, group classes and retreats.

Due to my life experiences, I feel called to work with men to help them find more healthy and productive ways of expressing their emotions. Hence I have created MEN IN MOTION – a unique fusion of Yoga, Dance and brotherhood. Please see classes and events for more details.

On the female side Natalya loves working with woman, inspiring self-expression and healing through dance and singing.

For more information:

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Into-Me-I-See Classes

Men in Motion

A safe, supportive and fun space where us guys can step out of our comfort zones and explore the inter-dependence of our physical and emotional health through the medium of Yoga and Dance.

Dance Into-Me-I-See Experience

Private one to one lessons combining dance and counselling sessions for couples and individuals on the journey of self-disover and intimate union through dance.

Alignment through DanSing

A series of workshops for women aimed at realigning them with their spiritual and pysical muchness of expression through dance and voice activation.

The quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life
Ester Perel


Andrew is a first-class instructor, mentor and motivator.  He is thoroughly recommended.

Canary Wharf Group

Andrew is kind, generous and after a few short hours of dance I have never looked back.

Richard Haycock

Classes & Events


From yoga sessions in your own home, to BALLROOM IN A BOX with your buddies, I am offering online classes using Zoom while we are all house bound.

Find out more on our Classes & Events page

Lesson fees determined on an individual basis depending on what your needs and financial situation is.