Workshops and masterclasses are great opportunities to either get a broader perspective on a topic(s) or to deep dive into a topic(s) with the inspirational support of not only the hosts but of the other participants. The shared learning experience can yield much greater value as you are creating meaningful relationships with fellow human beings.  They may either share your experiences or have differing experiences which you can learn from.

A selection of workshops that may interest you:


Rules of Engagement

A workshop that explores our relationship to those with whom we dance and the best practices and structures to facilitate the most productive and harmonious outcomes.

Yoga and Pilates for Ballroom and Latin Dancing

A workshop that explores specific yoga practices that improve and support a sustained career in Ballroom & Latin Dancing.

Dancing through Life

A workshop that takes a deeper look at the powerful universal principles of dance and how they can be encompassed into everyday life for a healthier, happier and more harmonious way of living.

Men in Motion

A pioneering workshop purely for men to explore Masculinity through dance. Whether you are a man who is terrified of dancing or one who already dances but wants to fully develop your male expression.

Holistic Success In DanceSport and Life

A workshop that explores how to find balance, harmony and holistic success as a competitive Ballroom dancer.

My intention is not to preach or tell you what to believe or do, I am merely sharing what I have gathered along the way.

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