Pro-Am Dancing

Pro-Am or Teacher-Student is becoming a very popular sector of the dance world. Ultimately, we ALL want to go to the Ball and be seen and appreciated, to have the chance to live and express life to the fullest. Well Pro-Am dancing is one-way of fulfilling this desire. It’s an opportunity to go from “Zero to Hero” in a relatively short space of time compared to training with someone of a similar level. Essentially it is a fast-track way of developing oneself as a dancer. Depending on your individual dancing dreams it can demand a substantial investment of time, emotional, physical and mental energy as well as finances to achieve your desired outcome. If done wisely, it can bring incredible self-development, joy and holistic health.

I enjoy Pro-Am work as I love guiding women through the process of discovering and expressing their unique and natural inner power, beauty and grace. I am passionate about developing my client holistically during the process of training for and competing in the competitions. For it is not what we achieve but who we become in the process that matters to me.

Please note that due to the nature of this work I only have a very limited number of Pro-Am clients at one time, and also only work with those who I feel I resonate with.

If you are interested and willing to invest in yourself through this form of self-development and expression, please email me to discuss options available.

Dance is the quickest and best way to knowing yourself inside out.
Andrew Cuerden

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