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As we all know Ballroom and Latin American dancing has evolved to become both an art and a sport. I believe that this is a challenging dichotomy and as a result doubles the effort, discipline and strain on the mind, body and soul. Allow me to explain…

Firstly, when something becomes a sport by nature it becomes ego and results driven which includes comparison, judgement and ‘beating’ the competition. Dance, for me, is primarily an art of self-expression which is not meant to be judged or used for beating the opposition. However, we humans love to strive and grow and this I believe is the healthy way to appreciate and partake in sport. DanceSport unfortunately has the potential to squeeze out natural and authentic expression in the attempt to execute choreography and ‘impress’ the judges whilst at the same time creating massively over-inflated egos which is not a healthy combination.

Secondly, if you are involved in most other sporting disciplines, you are not expected to wear multi-layered, highly decorated clothing, as well as make-up etc and look as immaculate on the completion of your chosen strenuous activity as you were at the start – not to mention all the other image-based considerations off the dance floor.

Thirdly, the rules upon which one officially wins or loses are pretty scientific in most sports, you are either over the line first or not. Whereas in
DanceSport, it is a matter of subjective opinion influenced by a variety of other contributing factors such as a luck of the draw in heats.

Lastly, it’s a team sport! I can’t think of any other sport that involves this level of intimate, precise and synchronised team work.

So, for those who are able to truly succeed both in DanceSport and normal life, I have immense respect.  I believe that it is not what you do or achieve in life that matters.  It is who you become that really matters and can define your real success.

What is success you may ask?  Well I know for many this could be a variety of things, but for me true success is in the relationship I am forming with myself, where I have an abundant inner sense of freedom, peace, joy, health and the delight of loving and being loved unconditionally.

It is only through very tough personal challenges and deep self-enquiry that I have learnt and am finally achieving the real success I was always looking for.  If what I have written resonates with you and you would like advice on how to navigate and balance your life, please get in touch.

Look in the mirror, that’s your competition and the love of your life!
Andrew Cuerden

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