Holistic Team Building

Get your employees dancing for health and happiness

Stretch comfort zones, bond teams and boost mental health.

Dance Savoir Faire by Andrew Cuerden, top international Ballroom & Latin coach combines the aspects of partner dancing, yoga and mindfulness to create a fun way for people to enhance their well-being. Andrew and his team of professionals delight in bringing people together to create harmony and develop team work through the universal language of music and dance.

Mindfulness that’s not simply a meditation app.

Employee well-being is evolving. Meditation platforms, mindfulness sessions and step-count challenges are all on the agenda and we should celebrate this recent progress. But isn’t it good to also get people out of their headspace and into their bodies for a change?

Dance is a form of meditation and mindfulness that has the benefit of combining physical activity, authentic self-expression, relaxation and fun!

Andrew Cuerden has combined dancing with elements of yoga and relationship theory to bring a unique methodology to the table. Through the power of dance, he can get teams bonding and individuals learning how to de-stress in new ways.

Who we love working with:

Companies taking the long-term sustainable view and understanding that treating their employees well may not immediately show on the bottom line but who appreciate it’s a positive initiative that will ideally be reflected in staff retention and attraction in the future.

Managers and leaders who strive to see their employees emotionally and intellectually engaged, with a strong sense of belonging.

Those who embrace honest and respectful conversations and feedback.

Organisations which are open-minded with a sense of fun.

Get in touch to start discussing how dance and movement will benefit your business for years to come and check out the packages we offer below.

Our three fundamental intentions for every holistic team building event:

Create a safe and inspirational space where everyone feels relaxed enough to fully and authentically express themselves.

Facilitate greater awareness of the relationship our minds have with our bodies.

Facilitate stronger, more compassionate and authentic connections between all participants.

Strictly Fun Ballroom Dance Class (45-90min)

The perfect way to de-stress, have fun and connect with colleagues either before, during or after work. The dances taught are very simple and can offer a life-time of rewarding social dance experiences. These classes are best suited for companies that have mixed gender but can be tailored for single gender companies.

Mindful & Heart-Centred Movement (2-4 hours)

A comprehensive package that goes deeper into exploring the mind and body connections for improved engagement and connection with oneself and others. Incorporating a variety of fun and insightful dance and yoga practices such as mindful movement, breathing, visualisation and awareness we create inner balance, harmony and joy that can be used for the rest of your lives.

Flash Mob (full day or multi-day)

A more challenging but incredibly rewarding full or multiday package for both individuals and teams. An opportunity to ignite and synchronise individuals and teams to create a positive and life enhancing public statement or advertisement through dance. This aims to facilitate authentic and productive relationships within a company and its customers. Multiple dance styles including partner based and solo dances.

Strictly Company Competition (Bespoke)

The Strictly Fun Competition is the ultimate event in bringing people together both within the company but also with the inclusion of families and customers. This can also be done as a charity event to add another level of reward for all involved.


None of those who volunteered had any dance experience and ranged across a wide specturm of ages.  The results were fantastic.

Canary Wharf Group

Andrew’s classes are wonderful.  Great way to take off the stress and perfect opportunity to gain self confidence for me.  I’m totally enjoying!

Greg Zarandny

Other Dance Savoir Faire Services


Private one to one and group classes in Richmond and London


Private or corporate events that are looking for the wow factor

Wedding Dance Lessons

Make that ‘first dance’ a special part of your big day

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Give the gift of an experience that will provide lots of memories