Holistic Holidays

Slow down and let happiness catch you.

There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in an Andrew Cuerden Holistic Holiday where every aspect of your being has been carefully considered and catered for. They are the perfect opportunity to escape your everyday groove and explore new nourishing rhythms, discovering focus, balance, alignment and integration that allows your innate and natural state of joy and peace to bubble up from within.

We carefully design our holistic holidays to be fun, exciting and inspirational but also restorative experiences. Intuitively combining a variety of holistic well-being practices and services such as dance, yoga, Pilates, nutrition, massage etc in a safe and supportive environment. During our holidays there is no obligation to do everything that is on offer but only that which you feel most excited or curious about.

With exclusive, hand-picked locations across the UK and abroad and a variety of themed holidays throughout the year to satisfy most people’s tastes, we are confident we will have a holistic holiday perfect for you, on your own, with a partner, friends or even with the whole family!

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If you let go of the cork it will float back to the surface, likewise, let go of your stresses and you and your body will float back to harmony too


Andrew is a first-class instructor, mentor and motivator.  He is thoroughly recommended.

Canary Wharf Group

Andrew is kind, generous and after a few short hours of dance I have never looked back.

Richard Haycock

Classes & Events


From yoga sessions in your own home, to BALLROOM IN A BOX with your buddies, I am offering online classes using Zoom while we are all house bound.

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Lesson fees determined on an individual basis depending on what your needs and financial situation is.