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“Empowering authentic self-expression”

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Andrew Cuerden

Dance, Yoga & Well-being


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Why Choose My Services

 I have learnt from clients that my special innate skill lies in the ability to quickly relate and intuitively connect with people on a fundamental level. I do this with patience and compassion taking into account all the things that make you a unique individual. My passion as a coach is to reveal your personal potential and with honesty, kindness, integrity and responsibility empower you to express it fully and authentically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everybody dance? Because I think I am the exception!

Yes everybody can dance, everyone does it all the time with their body language.  If body language is talking, then dancing is the body singing!  A teacher’s purpose is to remove the blocks that are holding you back from expressing yourself fully and uniquely.

I can't touch my toes, can I still attend a yoga class?

Absolutely you can!  Your yoga class is a safe space where there is no competition, just your personal journey to self-exploration and transformation.  Yoga is about (Ahimsa) non-harming both physically and mentally, so you only push yourself as much as you can without pain.

I'm not confident in group situations, do you teach individuals?

Yes I do.  I have a beautiful private dance studio that’s perfect for individual lessons or I am willing to come to your home / work.

I feel overwhelmed with certain areas of my life, can you help?

Mindful movement to music is a very powerful tool to uncovering mis-alignments, imbalance and general weaknesses both physical and mental. My earnest intention is to provide compassionate space for these issues to emerge, be lovingly witnessed and healed either in sessions or with another recommended therapist.

My Core Services Are:

  • Choreographing and teaching social, competitive, or performance based Ballroom and Latin American dance to individuals, couples or groups.
  • Hosting feel good social dance events that bring people together from all walks of life to enjoy the universal language of music and dance.
  • Metaphysical Dance Coaching for life, for a deeper experience.
  • Yoga & Meditation for individuals and groups.
  • Dance Intimacy for couples looking for deeper ways to connect and relate.
  • Wedding Dance choreography and training.
  • Corporate Holistic Team Building for companies who believe in doing well by doing good.
  • Holistic Well-being Holidays in partnership with SOULHUB incorporating dance, yoga and other well-being activities

Whether dance is an art, sport, or therapy – it’s my business!
Andrew Cuerden

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Classes & Events


Andrew offers a wide range of classes and events, from the light and joyful to deep and transformational.

The aim of all his classes is to encourage freedom and joy, so no matter what your budget, circumstances or mood is come along and try one of his in-person classes or events for a taste of how dance can change your life.

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Lesson fees determined on an individual basis depending on what your needs and financial situation is.

Services & Events

Dance Savoir Faire

Dance “know-how”.  Social dance services and events that educate, entertain and bring couples, families, communities and business closer together.


Yoga Chitta-Vrtti-Nirodha – Sankrit for “Yoga is the cessation of the turnings of the mind”  Yoga is a way of life which can be incorporated into any religion or culture.  It is learning to find the ease within the effort and calm the fluctuations of the mind.  Private and group classes available.

Richmond Dance Al Fresco

Join Andrew under the giant London Plane Trees by Richmond Bridge for evenings dancing under the stars. Hosted by Soulhub and Tide Tables Cafe.
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